Ask Iris the Cat

Now now you cheeky vampire….I’m capable of taking care of him myself…and secondly I wouldn’t want him to be…let’s say ‘drained’ from having so much fun with you.

That would’ve been a great plan…if not for a few loopholes…

one being that GUN has control over my webcam and no doubt have monitored every question I receive…meaning they already know about this as well and no doubt have started preparing themselves.

two, Shadow has shown throughout the entire time that I’ve had the child that he clearly does not like him at all. If I were to say he was our son I’m sure Shadow would disagree even if it IS me that’s asking.

thirdly if I even went with that plan on stating that mephi IS our son…what makes you think GUN wouldn’t want to work HARDER to try and capture him? Shadow is the ultimate being created by Dr. Robotnik 50 years ago and can control the powers of the chaos emeralds….he himself is kept ‘captive’ by GUN just because of that reason alone…I myself am a feline who has the strange ability to control and manipulate silver and have molecules of silver within my blood stream that is built up naturally…if we had a child of any sort…GUN would definitely not let up on trying to get their hands on him…if anything they’d probably list the child as a threat…a priority and necessity to keep confined within GUN walls…

You can join by talking to either shadow or Rouge…and if they deem you acceptable to be applicable of taking the actual tests to become a GUN member…they will gauge your skills. Right now I am somewhat of a ‘newbie’ despite me going on missions. I’m being ‘tutored’ by Shadow…so for now my partners change…to be my partner is all on how GUN feels and by chance. There really isn’t any garuntee you will be mine but EVENTUALLY you might be….

[ dun dun dun~ drama~ yes it’s been a while I apologize I’ve been busy with moving and jobs and just blah life. So now enjoy where we left off at…2 months ago. shh just pretend those 2 months don’t exist. ]

Heh…out of all people…GUN really is smart….

…..Why….should I trust you…what can you offer that will save that baby…

Hello~? yes who’s knocking?

Who would come to my door this late at night?

Alright if you feel up to it! They monitor everything here including this webcam…which is a bit disturbing but seeing as how Shadow or Rouge are in charge of it I don’t worry too much.

A letter will be sent to you or an agent will be sent to you soon. Good luck! If you pass entrance exam, pass the physical endurance test, and check out clean you might be put up for an interview with me! So I wish you luck!

Forced? To be honest I can’t account for ALL the members of GUN and say whether or not they were forced or not. For me they didn’t force me. They kinda just came up and asked.

But by that time I was friends with Sonic and shadow and all of them. So it could be I got the easier end of the deal. Shadow says sometimes GUN does force some people depending on who they are, what powers they may possess and what not. Though those are far and few.

For those I know of…most have gone of their own free will. Rouge being one of them. She was the first person I went to since they were the ones who sent her to give me the letter of invitation in the first place, and so she told me herself I can deny or accept the invitation of my own free will.

It is up to you ultimately…to determine whether you are ready or not to join G.U.N….recruitment…is all up to the one who BELIEVES he can be recruited~